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Accel Solenoid Repair HD Saddlebag Hinge
Adjusta Clutch Retainer V-Twin Rocker Clutch
Ram - Jett Rocker Adjuster   1   2  National Cycle Windshields   1   2
Andrews close ratio gears   1   2 Spark Plugs
Shovelhead Crankcase Tire Comparison Size Chart
Fork Tube Info How to wrench your 74 tranny
More than you want to know about pipes DIY  Spark Plug Thread Repair
Finally a cure for leaking 4 speed tranny DIY Valve Seat Removal
  DIY Valve Guide Removal
  DIY Valve Seat Install

Carburetor Info
CV Carb Exploded Accel Bendix rebuild kit   1   2
CV Carburetor Replaceable Main Air Bleed for all S&S
Carb Shootout Harley Clutch Releasing Disc Installation
Thunderjet S&S Installation and Tuning CV Carb Tech
HD CV Carb Upgrade and Tuning
CV Needles

Oil Info
Sealing your Primary Oiler Oil System Diagram
Very Simplified Oil line Routing Oil Line Routing
Amsoil Oil Comparison Study Factory option oil pressure gauge
Tappet Screen

Frame ID  Sheet
VIN number chart for early Shovels
1970-1979 1980-1984

General Engine Specifications
1966 - Early 1978  Late 1978- 1984

Shovelhead History by Year

Electrical Wiring Diagrams
Fluids  Specifications Tune Up Specifications
Winterize your ride Chopper Handbook 1948 frame specs
Simplified Wiring Diagram Boogiemanz Stroker Plate

1948 Accessory Catalog HD Vintage Ads
1965 Rider's Handbook Davidson Scottish History
1970 Electra Glide Owners Manual
Windows FLH Screensaver  <-- right click and save to your Windows folder

Ironhorse Confederate Article 1966 FLH 
Motorcycle Classics Magazine
1977 Confederate Edition
1966-1971 FLH  /   1971-1975 FLH
Cycle World - 1971 Super Glide Article Cycle World - 1978 FLH-80 Road Test
Cycle World - 1967 FLH Road Test Keeping Shovels Alive
British Magazine - 1974 FLH 1200 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Big Bike - 1975 FX & FXE Road Test Motorcyclist 1977 FLH
Cycle 1975 FLH Road Test Street Chopper 1980 FLH Hack
Cycle 1973 FLH Road Test Motorcycle Classics - Indian Rally in Scotland
Easyriders - The Shovelhead Years  


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